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Discover the world of Movitz Payments, where we redefine your payment experience. Our tailored range of products are designed to elevate both pre-payment and post-payment processes, delivering unparalleled quality throughout your payment lifecycle.

Our Products and Services

Beneficiary Account Verification

Eliminate payment errors and delays by ensuring accurate account details. Our Beneficiary Account Verification ensures that payments reach their intended destination flawlessly, safeguarding your transactions.

Driven by proprietary Market Intelligence and a strategic amalgamation of internal and external resources, Movitz Beneficiary Account Verification guarantees the precision of beneficiary account numbers and names. This offering, in collaboration with Swift, harnesses insights from an extensive repository of over 9 billion transactions and an expansive network of provider banks, assuring you the utmost confidence.

The Beneficiary Account Verification is accessible through the intuitive Movitz service UI or seamlessly integrated via APIs.

Quality control certification, checked guarantee of standard.

Payment Likely to Succeed Validation

Amidst the prevalent and costly errors that plague the payment landscape, user experience suffers a severe setback. Movitz Payments addresses this with a strategic solution: the Payment Likely to Succeed Validation. Engineered to instill confidence in end-users prior to transaction execution, this innovation incorporates an expansive spectrum of validations. By amalgamating comprehensive market intelligence encompassing both local and cross-border requisites, along with meticulous scrutiny of external databases, the risk of erroneous or misdirected payments is significantly mitigated.

Empower your decision-making process through our Payment Likely to Succeed Check, underpinned by state-of-the-art algorithms. This sophisticated functionality not only anticipates payment outcomes with precision but also amplifies your success ratios, resulting in a streamlined operational landscape.

Assisted Payment Initiation

Embark on a transformative payment journey powered by Assisted Payment Initiation, enriched with cutting-edge AI. Seamlessly navigating every phase, this feature elevates payments to unprecedented levels of ease and security. From impeccable formatting to data validation, our AI-driven approach, in harmony with Movitz Payments Validations, ensures data quality par excellence. Step into the realm of Payments Modernization, amplified by structured ISO 20022 data, and embrace an era where complexity becomes a thing of the past.

Payment Tracking

Gain real-time insights into your payment journey with our Payment Tracking feature. Monitor transaction statuses, timelines, and details effortlessly, keeping you informed every step of the way.

The Payment Tracking Product is conveniently accessible through the user-friendly Movitz service UI or can be seamlessly integrated into your systems via APIs. Explore our Payment Tracking Product to unlock a new level of control, clarity, and efficiency in your payment processes.

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Consulting Services

Introducing our Payment Consulting Services, where industry expertise meets your unique payment challenges. Our team of seasoned professionals specializes in guiding you through crucial payments modernization endeavours, ISO 20022 migration and adoption, and navigating the intricacies of Foreign Exchange.

  • Payments Modernization: Stay ahead in an evolving landscape. Our experts offer insights and strategies to modernize your payment processes, optimize efficiency and embrace the latest industry advancements.
  • ISO 20022 Migration and Adoption: Seamlessly transition to the ISO 20022 standard with our comprehensive support. Our consultants ensure a smooth migration, minimizing disruptions while maximizing the benefits of this global standard.
  • Foreign Exchange Expertise: Navigate the complexities of foreign exchange with confidence. Our consultants provide valuable insights, risk management and automation strategies, and innovative approaches to optimize your FX revenues and operations.

Explore a strategic partnership that propels your payment operations to new heights. Elevate your consulting experience today!

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Our Key Partners

Swift, the global member-owned cooperative of more than 11,500 banking and securities organisations, market infrastructures and corporates, stands as a cornerstone of the financial world. As a recognized and registered provider within its platform partnership program, Movitz holds the privilege to extend Swift's pivotal services, assuming the role of a technical enabler for financial institutions to harness value-enhancing capabilities. Our proprietary connectivity streamlines this process, requiring minimal development effort on the part of the financial institution.

TreasurUp, a leading Dutch FinTech firm that serves banks, is spearheading the transformation of banks' digital Commercial Banking landscape with bespoke solutions curated by corporate treasurers. These purpose-built solutions serve the risk management needs of small and medium-sized corporate clients, bolstered by the seamless integration of Movitz's services within the TreasurUp ecosystem. This collaboration empowers banks to offer their corporate clients an unparalleled, white-labelled world-class payment experience.

About Us

Our Leadership Team

Magnus Hedenberg

Chief Executive Officer

With extensive banking experience spanning diverse sectors, Magnus's expertise shines in payments and foreign exchange. His visionary leadership propels Movitz Payments, driven by a commitment to innovation and growth. A luminary in the financial landscape, he reshapes the future of payments.

Waqas Ahmed

Chief Technology Officer

With a broad history of working with cutting-edge innovations in projects ranging from embedded software, to UI and UX, to APIs and Web services, Waqas brings almost 2 decades of experience from multiple industries, and expertise in all aspects of product development.

Isak Penttila

Head of Consulting Practice

A prominent payment landscape figure, Isak leads our Consulting Practice, drawing from over a decade of profound expertise in global payment modernization initiatives. Adeptly sculpting strategic pathways for tailored client needs, Isak expertly navigates the intricate landscape of payments modernization.

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